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Plastic Insulation Box Blow Molding Machine:Design Principles

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When designing the Plastic Insulation Box blow molding machine, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the appearance, function, internal structure, formability, production cost, etc. of the plastic insulation box. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to the design principles of the plastic insulation box blow molding machine.

Plastic insulation box blow molding machines usually take into account the function and appearance of the toolbox. Generally, the blow molding toolbox should be designed in the shape of an arc, and the corners of the grooves should be designed into an arc shape as much as possible for transition, because the right-angle corners are difficult to blow molding.


Plastic insulation box wall thickness is not easy to be too thin. Plastics have greater flexibility, so the rigidity of blow-molded products is required to be higher. There are also artistic requirements such as pattern, text, embossed embossing, etc. in the plastic insulation box, which are all considered in the design of the blow molding machine mold.

In addition, the plastic insulation box blow molding machine itself needs special design and manufacture due to its structure. The structure of the blow molding machine mainly includes: extruder, parison head, control system and other parts, and the selection of each part is also particularly important. .

For example: the extruder of the plastic insulation box blow molding machine must choose high plasticizing capacity to shorten the cycle; the parison head can choose right-angle or storage type according to the production raw materials; the control system can be selected according to the owner's requirements for production efficiency. Manual or automatic.


There is also the molding cycle of the product, which depends on the length of the embryo and the extrusion speed. This requires debugging and designing factors such as the speed of the screw, the temperature of the melt, and the spacing of the die mouth.

During the molding process of the plastic insulation box blow molding machine, there may be many reasons for the failure of the product to break. It is possible that the inflation ratio is too large, the die discharge is uneven, the extrusion speed is too slow, the surface has scars, and the clamping force is insufficient, etc., and specific problems should be analyzed in detail. In tomorrow's article, the editor will introduce to you in detail the reasons for the blow molding failure of the hollow blow molding machine and the treatment methods. For those in need, please pay attention to our Juncon website at any time.

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