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Blow Molding Machine Mould Cooling: Why and Ways

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In the process of Qingdao Juncon's blow molding product processing, due to the need to give a lot of heat to the plastic raw materials when extruding the plastic embryo, the plastic embryo will quickly transfer these heat to the mold, so the temperature of the mold will rise quickly. In the rapid prototyping process, the mask needs to be cooled as soon as possible to achieve the speed of product shaping, thereby improving the output and quality of the product. At present, the commonly used cooling method is: cooling by cold water mechanism, that is, forced cooling of the mold to improve the productivity of the product.

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In areas and seasons with high temperature and humidity, when the mold temperature is lower than the air dew point, water condensation will occur on the surface of the mold to form water droplets. The formation of water droplets will lead to stroke markings and water marks on the outer surface of blow molded products, which will affect the quality of plastic products. At the same time, the water droplets will also lead to rust in the mold and grinding cavity, so as to reduce the service life of the mold. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate the phenomenon of water droplets.


The water cooling of molds is divided into air-cooled and water-cooled. For the blow molding machine produced by Qingdao Juncon Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., we use the mold water cooling machine, which is water-cooled. However, for the cooling unit of super large hollow blow molding machine, the combination of chiller and cooling pool can be adopted. Such a cooling water system will be more safe and reliable.


For the super large blow molding machine with blow molding product capacity greater than 2000L, Qingdao Juncon Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. suggests that the chiller with refrigeration capacity greater than 418.68kj should be selected to make the cooling effect of the mold better.

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