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The Maintenance of IBC Tank Blow Molding Machine

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The service life is not only related to the quality,but also the maintenance of IBC tank blow molding machine. High quality maintenance can make sure the blow molding machine run at a higher level , so that it can operate and produce high quality blow molded products. And then,how to maintain the blow molding machine to make the service life longer?

The maintenance is different at every part of the blow molding machine. Next,i will introduce some methods:

Juncon IBC tank blow molding machine

1. Check whether the air supply of the high and low pressure, power supply,water supply are normal.

2. Please add lubricating oil to each part before the blow molding machine started every time. The gripper can be lubricated every 3-4 days.The chain can be lubricated once a month. And Check whether the reducer of the main engine is short of oil.

3. Check whether each moving parts are firm, especially the parts suffering strong impact force, and whether the belt transmission is abnormal or not.

4. Check whether the emergency stop switch, safety door switch, and protection device switch are normal.

5. Check whether the lamp tube is damaged, the pneumatic components are leaking, and whether the action is sensitive.

6. If the solenoid valve is abnormal, it should be cleaned in time.

7. Regularly check electrical components such as servo motors, PLC, touch screens, and automatic temperature control.

8. Blow molding molds need to be cleaned and polished regularly. In addition to the blow molding machine, the maintenance is also needed for blow molding mold, which can better ensure the cooperation between molds and blow molding machine so that produce better blow molding products. The cleaning and polishing is the mold maintenance method commonly used.

9. The hydraulic oil should be checked and replaced in time if used for a long time. Because it will have impurities to affecting the function.

10. The temperature instrument should be tested regularly for temperature difference and timely corrected.

11. The electrical containers is connected with more lines, so ,it is necessary to ensure that each line is correctly connected and stable. At the same time, keep electrical containers dry.

12. Clean the extruders and molds to avoid impurities and raw material residues.

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