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Blow Molding Machine:Vacuum Suction Type Automatic Feeding Machine

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The common automatic feeding equipment of blow molding system include vacuum suction automatic feeding machine and spiral tube automatic feeding machine.

Qingdao Juncon Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. adopts the vacuum suction feeder, especially the 220L double ring barrel equipment produced by our company. The feeder vacuumizes the hopper of the feeder through the operation of the vortex air pump to form a negative pressure, which realizes the feeding of raw materials by using the flow characteristics of air.

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Working principle and process of vacuum suction automatic feeding machine

When the material level of plastic raw materials in the hopper of the extruder drops, the liquid level sensor of the material level and the switch of the material level send out a signal, and the vortex air pump will automatically pneumatically pump and evacuate the air in the hopper to form a negative pressure. The plastic raw materials are fed into the hopper under the action of atmospheric pressure. When the preset material level is reached - the vortex air pump stops running and enters the next cycle for preparation, Scroll air pump is a widely used vacuum pump at present, which has the characteristics of low power and high efficiency.


The vacuum suction automatic feeding machine matched with the Juncon's blow molding machine shall generally be equipped with roommate dust removal device. At present, only a few vacuum feeders manufactured by domestic manufacturers are equipped with compressed air automatic dust removal device, which can carry out automatic dust removal device in each feeding cycle and automatic dust removal in each feeding cycle. 

The vertical height of feeding can reach about 8m, and the actual material volume can reach more than 600kg/h, which can well realize the continuous operation and operation of the feeder, so as to ensure the continuous operation of the hollow forming machine. 

During the use of the vacuum suction automatic feeder without automatic sinking device, it is necessary to manually clean the dust and keep it closed, so as to stabilize its performance and keep the environment clean. 

As we use this device in all our blow molding machine such as IBC tank blow molding machine, pallet blow molding machine.

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