What's Advantages of Blow Molding Pallets?

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What's Advantages of Blow Molding Pallets?

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The pallet is an important cargo platform, and it is a movable platform, or a movable ground. There are many kinds of pallets, there are injection pallets, blow molding pallets, wooden pallets, iron pallets, and composite pallets. Today I will focus on blow molding trays. The blowing pallet is produced by blow molding machine, used the blowing technology craft. 

What's advantages of blow molding pallets to the injection pallets,wooden pallet and roto pallet?

1. The blow molding pallet machine used the HMWHDPE material to produce the blowing pallet. The material is high Molecular weight, high density plastic, blow molding pallet work lift is longer. The material of Blowing pallets is stronger, it is not easy to be damaged while workers are falling them heavily. Injection pallets and wooden pallet are too brittle which is easier to be broken while falling them directly. At same time ,the blowing pallet type is diverse.

 blow molding pallet.png

2. The blowing pallet is stronger ,the Static Load is 6 Tons,the Dynamic Load is 2 tons.The blow molding pallets much heavier load, the dynamic load can reach more than 2 tons for long term use. For injection pallets it can hardly reach 2 tons in short term use, as the frequency of use increases, its bending and denaturation increase. 

It can only reach 1.5tons for long term use. Petro China, Sinopec, COFCO has gradually begun to specify the blow pallets as the static load can reach upto 6 tons. 

3. The blow molding pallet has excellent impact resistance, good wear resistance and weather resistance, and can be used in the environment of -40℃-60℃, especially suitable for use in cold areas and refrigerated warehouses


4. Long service life of blow molding pallet, can be used frequently for more than five years, the service life is more than 5 times that of injection molding pallets, more than 7 times that of steel-plastic pallets, and more than 15 times that of wooden pallets.

Due to stacking products,the blowing pallet loading requirements are very strict, and the turnover is frequent,need to be stacking for 3 layers, because of the bag packaging is uneven,

the injection pallets are easier to be deformed and damaged in the center after long term use. Blow molding pallets overcomes the disadvantage of fragile,denatured and short life of injection pallets.


5. The blowing pallet is hot sale now ,and Widely used in petrochemical, bio medicine, food and aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, mechanical hardware, electronic appliances and other industries. the design is easy to transport.specially suitable for harsh environments.

 blow molding pallets.png

6. The blow molding pallets has good antislip effect which can protect products. 

Injection pallets have antislip mat which is easier to fall of and bulge,scratch products.


7. Blow molding pallets can still be used after severe damage.Injection pallet can not be used again after damaged.


8. When the forklift driver is working to enter the pallets, the fork is easier to hit on the pallets, the blowing molding pallets can be used again, but injection pallets are easier to be breakable. 


9. The investment of pallet blow molding machine is smaller than the injection pallet machine, and the produce capacity is high the roto pallet, so the cost of produce and investment is good .

In summary, the plastic pallet blow molding machine are great investment value and the blow molding pallet will surely become the mainstream of logistics and transportation.

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