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Application Scope of Blow Molding Machine

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For nearly 20 years,Large industrial plastic blow molding products has been applied in many fields. The variety is not many, but some of the products  have a larger scale in the market. For example, 200 liters plastic drum, blow molding plastic pallet, automotive fuel tank, spoiler, auto spare parts and plastic box, and other products already has a considerable scale of production.

1.200 L plastic drum

As shown in the figure below, 200L plastic drum is a plastic industrial bucket. It is with the development of polymer materials and a packaging container in the chemical industry. It is made of HMWHDPE by large extrusion blow molding machine. This kind of large size plastic bucket is environmental high-tech products with comprehensive performance.

200 L plastic drum.png

2.1000L IBC packing drum  

In recent years, the consumption of a new product -- 1000L IBC tank has grown rapidly in China and has become the packaging and transportation container for bulk liquid chemical products. At present, there are many domestic plastic products manufacturers produce 200L plastic buckets, 1000L IBC packaging tank.

1000L IBC packing drum.png

3. Blow molding plastic pallet

With the rapid development of petrochemical, railway freight, chemical, logistics and other industries, durable blow molding plastic pallet has been widely used in these industries. The production process of blow molding plastic pallet is basically similar to the production process of 200L plastic drum. It is also made of HMWHDPE material and blown by large extrusion blow molding machine.

But the equipment and mold are larger than 200L plastic drum blow molding machine.  Because this product is a flat type multi-column, multi-strip industrial blow molding product, so in the molding process, product design, product processing and other aspects have their own characteristics.  

blow molding plastic pallet

4.Car spoilers  

With the development of automobile industry, many models have adopted automobile spoiler. It has certain help to the stability of the car in the process of movement, but also can play a good decorative role. The car spoiler is generally made of ABS plastic by extrusion blow molding machine, and then the surface spraying method.  

Auto parts

5. Plastic floats and other water supplies  

The production and product development of plastic floating are developed with the development of tourism industry and aquatic product breeding industry in recent years. In the market,it is a small size plastic floating box (500mm*500mm*400mm).  With the rise of tourism and water sports, such products will be better developed due to a wider market.  

Solar float Pontoon

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