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    JK-220L Chemical Drum Blow Molding machine

    Double ring drum blow molding machine, also called chemical drum blow molding machine developed based on chemical liquid transportation, is an indispensable tool for modern storage and transportation of liquid products. The 220L drum is blowing with high molecular HDPE material(HWMHDPE), which has high strength, corrosion resistance and good hygiene.

    Product Info


    Warranty:1 Year

    MOQ:1 Set

    Service:Installation & Training

    Application:100L to 250L Chemical Tank

    Delivery Time:120 days

    1.Parameters of JK-220L Chemical Drum Blow Molding machine:

    Parameters of JK-220L Chemical Drum Blow Molding machine

    2.Advantages of JK-220L Chemical Drum Blow Molding machine:

    1. Adopt the new design of the screw,make sure the high plasticizing.

    2. Use HMWHDPE to ensure that the productions are stronger and longer life.

    3. Adopt the Aluminum mold ,cooling faster ,the productivity is higher.

    4. The customer can choose the automatic cutting machine for saving the labour.

    5. The wall thickness control system from American MOOG is adopted to ensure the thickness of tank is more uniform and accurate.

    6. The whole system adopts servo motor driver,compared with the traditional hydraulic system, the servo hydraulic system is safe and efficient, energy saving is more than 40%, and the noise is low.

    7. The die head design as the product,and have the patent.New head design,uniform wall thickness control.

    8. The full set of original SEIMENS control system ensures high quality, safe and stable operation, and has international after-sales service.

    9. Adopt the boost cylinder, ensure large clamping force.

    10. High production efficiency,Less scraps.

    11. Convenient operation and stable equipment.

    12. Low energy consumption, using advanced nm heating system and induction heater.

    13. The unique hydraulic design avoids the complexity of the hydraulic system. The entire system adopts pressurized oil cylinders, which optimizes the hydraulic structure of the machine while providing a stronger clamping force.

    14. Adopt the advance hydraulic valve from Japan.make sure the hydraulic system is more stable and reliable.

    3.Applications of JK-220L Chemical Drum Blow Molding machine:

    JK-220L blow molding machine can be used to produce100L to 250L chemical tank.

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