JK-1800L Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine

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    JK-1800L Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine

    Compared with other types of machines, the traffic barrier blow molding machine has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low energy consumption and good quality of blow molding products. Blow-molded traffic barrier are made of HDPE material, which has good tensile properties and toughness, and is more durable than roto molding products. Secondly, blow-molded traffic barrier are available in various forms and sizes can be customized. It is a good choice for road traffic facilities.

    Product Info


    Warranty:1 Year

    MOQ:1 Set

    Service:Installation & Training

    Application:road barrier, 200L-1800L

    Delivery Time:120 days

    1.Parameters of JK-1800L Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine:

    Model JK-1800L-1 JK-1800L-2
    Folding Table Blow Molding Machine One layer Two layers
    Max. Product Size 11*7*7.2m 11*7*7.2m
    Machine Dimension 38ton 40ton
    Total Power 300kw 330kw
    Average Power Consumption 150kw 160kw
    Accumulator Die Head
    Accumulator capacity 80L 60kg 80L 60kg
    Heating Load 65kw 75kg
    Extrusion System
    Screw Diameter 150mm 120/120mm
    Extruder Motor Power 200kw 132kw/132kw
    LD Ratio 30:1 30:1
    Heating Power 35kw 70kw
    Plasticizing Capacity 350kg/h 400kg/h
    Mold Clamping Unit
    Clamping  Platen Size 1700x1800x76mm(customized) 1700x1800x76mm(customized)
    Max Mold Size 1500x1900 mm 1500x1900 mm
    Clamping Force 1800KN 1800KN
    Hydaulic System
    Main Oil Pump Power 40kw 40kw
    Small Oil Pump Power 7.5kw 7.5kw
    Oil Tank Capacity 1000L 1000L

    2.Advantages of JK-1800L Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine:

    1. The die head design as the product,and have the patent.New head design,uniform wall thickness control.

    2. The full set of original SEIMENS control system ensures high quality, safe and stable operation, and has international after-sales service.

    3. Adopt the boost cylinder, ensure large clamping force.

    4. Convenient operation and stable equipment.

    5. Low energy consumption, using advanced nm heating system and induction heater.

    6. The unique hydraulic design avoids the complexity of the hydraulic system. The entire system adopts pressurized oil cylinders, which optimizes the hydraulic structure of the machine while providing a stronger clamping force.

    7. The whole system adopts servo motor driver, which is silent and energy saving.

    8. Adopt the advance hydraulic valve from Japan.make sure the hydraulic system is more stable and reliable.

    9. High production efficiency,Less scraps.

    3.Applications of JK-1800L Road Barrier Blow Molding Machine:

    JK-1800L blow molding machine can bu used to produce road safety barriers and 200L-1800L plastic products.

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