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    JK-30L Jerry Can Blow Molding Machine

    JK-30L blow molding machine can produce hollow products up to 30L. The equipment can be designed as a storage die head or as a continuous die head. At the same time, the machine can also be designed as single station or double station. Different designs have their advantages, which can fully meet the needs of various customers.

    Product Info


    Warranty:1 Year

    MOQ:1 Set

    Service:Installation & Training

    Application:chemical tank,Jerry can

    Delivery Time:100 days

    1.Parameters of JK-30L Jerry Can Blow Molding Machine:

    Model JK-30L JK-30L
    Station 1 2
    Dry cycle 600PC/H 400PC/H*2
    Output of HDPE 110KG/H 230
    Weight 12000KG 18000KG
    Size of Machine(L*W*H) 4.1*2.2*3.8m 6.3*3.4*3.9
    Die Head
     Max Die Diameter 300mm 190mm
    Die Head Heating Zone 5 5
    Capacity of Accumulator Head 4L
    Die Head Heating Power 17.7kw 15
    Extrusion System
    Screw Diameter 80mm 100mm
    Screw Length/ Diameter Ratio 25 L/D 28 L/D
    Screw Heating Power 19kw 26kw
    No.of Screw Heating Zone 4 5
    Clamping Unit
    Platen Distance 350-780mm 420-920mm
    Clamping Force 215KN 250KN
    Power Unit
    Hydraulic Pump Driving Power 21kw+4 21kw+4
    Screw Motor Power 30kw 75kw
    Total power 91.9kw 141KW
    Average Power 45kw 70kw

    2.Advantages of JK-30L Jerry Can Blow Molding Machine:

    1. The whole machine adopts automatic cutting flash mold, no need to cut side scrap, integral molding,saving in labor, and the production efficiency is high.

    2. The equipment can adopt the edge material automatic recovery system, automatic trimming, automatic crushing and reuse. Realize the full automation of the product.

    3. The machine can be designed as a single station,but also can design as double station to improve production efficiency.

    4. The machine can be designed as a single die head or a double die head. The mold can also be designed as a single cavity or a multi-cavity mold accordingly.

    5. Machine hydraulic system: The machine adopts a servo hydraulic system, which can accurately control the pressure and flow according to the actual movement of the machine, and has low energy consumption.

    6. Mold clamping system: HIWIN high-precision guide rails are used to ensure platen move quickly. Independent research and development of the oil cylinder, large clamping force, blessing with servo hydraulic system, fast clamping and high precision.

    7. Die head: adopts first-in, first-out continuous die head design, using 42Cr nitriding material. Has the advantage of fast color change.

    8. Wall thickness control system: 100-point MOOG controller is adopted, with high precision and uniform wall thickness.

    9. Electronic control system: Siemens or Mitsubishi can be selected according to customer needs. All international brands, guaranteed after sale.

    10. Extrusion system: The screw with high plasticizing ratio is used to ensure sufficient extrusion volume to ensure production efficiency.

    11. Extrusion motor: adopt German original Siemens motor and frequency converter, which can adapt to various countries and regions.

    12. Pneumatic system; using double blowing system, fast exchange of hot and cold air flow, can ensure rapid product forming.

    3.Applications of JK-30L Jerry Can Blow Molding Machine:

    JK-30L blow molding machine can produce hollow products up to 30L, such as chemical tank,jerry can.

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