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    JK Water Tank Blow Molding Machine

    Juncon have developed the Water tank blow molding machine, can make the 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L, 10000L, 20000L machine with 1~7 layers.

    Product Info

    Weight:20-360 Ton

    Warranty:1 Year

    MOQ:1 Set

    Service:Installation & Training

    Application:50L-20000L Water Tank

    Delivery Time:120 days

    We are the professional company for the multi -layers water tank /barrel/bucket blowing machine and molds。From now no,we have developed the Water tank blow molding machine,can make the 500L ,1000L,2000L,3000L,5000L,10000L,20000L machine with 1~7 layers .Storage water tank blow molding machine used to produce range from 500L to 20000L storage water tank, with modular design make the blow molding machine to easy install,adopt the servo pump and induction heaters ,more energy efficient .super high cost performance characteristics make our blow molding machine have broad market prospects,in particular,the development of new seven layers blowing machine has accounted for the absolute share of the southeast Asian,Africa,Middle east country and South America market.

    1.Parameters of JK Water Tank Blow Molding Machine:

    Parameters of JK Water Tank Blow Molding Machine

    2.Advantages of JK Water Tank Blow Molding Machine:

    1. Control system: German Siemens PLC control system + Siemens interface Screen+ American three-generation 200-point MOOG wall thickness controller

    2. Extrusion system: Siemens inverter controller + Siemens motor + polymer, high plasticizing rate screw

    3. Die head system: storage type design + advanced runner design + die pressure monitoring

    4. Hydraulic system; servo hydraulic system controller + Japan SUMITOMO hydraulic pump + Japan YUKEN hydraulic valve

    5. Clamping system: three-plate structure design + synchronous rack + booster cylinder

    6. Circuit system: control cabinet + frequency conversion cabinet + heating cabinet

    7. The feeding machine system of Junkang equipment is provided with each equipment and is free to customers. 

    3.Applications of JK Water Tank Blow Molding Machine:

    Water storage tank are commonly used water storage containers in many countries, including injection-molded water storage tank, roto molded water storage tank, and blow-molding water storage tank. The injection-molded water storage tank is generally a wide-mouth bucket with a small volume. Generally, it is mainly single-layered, and is made of PE and PP material. 

    The roto molding tank has no volume limit, and can also produce multiple layers, but the technology is relatively traditional, and the fire processing method is used, the energy consumption and environmental protection are relatively poor, and the production efficiency is low. 

    Secondly, roto molding is made of LLDPE material. Compared with blow molding tanks made of HDPE plastic, the tank's drop resistance, durability and quality are weaker than blow molding tanks. 

    The blow molding tank is made of HDPE material through high temperature melting and blow molding of the extruder screw. The die head can be designed as a multi-layer, integrated molding, with high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. And the quality and durability of the barrels are also very high. Widely favored by the market, it has successfully replaced roto molding storage tanks and injection-molded storage tanks with its excellent product performance.

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