1000L IBC Blow Molding Machine Successfully Tested in Juncon Factory

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1000L IBC Blow Molding Machine Successfully Tested in Juncon Factory

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Last week, the IBC blow molding machine purchased by Turkey customers from Qingdao Juncon Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was successfully tested.

The JUNCON IBC blow molding machine tested and accepted the stability of the production and operation of the machine and the quality of the products produced during the trial run.

JUNCON-IBC blow molding machine is used to produce chemical liquid transportation carrier. IBC container barrel is composed of inner container and metal frame. JUNCON-IBC blow molding machine is mainly responsible for blow molding the inner container. The inner container is blow molded with high molecular weight and high density polyethylene, which has high strength, corrosion resistance and good sanitation. It is also the advantage of IBC ton barrel blow molding machine.


During the testing of this machine, Juncon should not only check whether the products produced by the machine meet the standards, but also check whether the machine can adapt to the production and processing process of different products.

Because, considering that customers will produce different products, we will set different process system operation parameters. This is not only to check whether the main blow molding machine machine can operate stably, but also to check whether the operation of its supporting auxiliary machines is stable. For example, this set of IBC blow molding machine is equipped with automatic welding valve machine for customers. While testing the JUNCON-IBC blow molding machine, we also test the performance stability of auxiliary machines.


IBC blow molding machine shows stable and efficient capacity not only in no-load operation but also in the process of actual capacity measurement.

 ibc blow molding machine.png

The quality and specifications of IBC produced by the machine testing machine in terms of surface smoothness, weight standard, compression resistance and leakage test have reached the product standards expected by customers.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our customers cannot come to the site to participate in the process of testing the machine. Juncon's colleagues broadcast the whole process of the testing machine through video, and feed back the questions and requirements raised by customers in time.

Although the machine is being tested for the IBC. However, this does not mean that the production application of the machine is limited to this type. Jk-IBC-1L blow molding machine produced by Juncon can not only produce IBC ton barrel, plastic container barrel, IBC container ton barrel, plastic square barrel, IBC ton packaging, kiloliter barrel, ton container barrel, IBC chemical barrel and other IBC barrels, but also produce other blow molding plastic products.

This is only based on the customer's product requirements. Like other blow molding machines of our company, plastic products of other shapes or sizes can also be produced on this machine by equipped with different molds. The premise is that we must ensure that the performance requirements of raw materials for different products are consistent.

The above content is the relevant introduction of JUNCON IBC blow molding machine testing machine.

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