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Blow Molding Machine For Auto Parts

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The automobile ventilation pipe is responsible for regulating the temperature inside the car and the automobile exhaust. The automobile ventilation pipe which made by extrusion blow molding machine, is more economical and affordable, able to meet the diversified needs of all kinds of automobile models. 

This set of automobile ventilation pipe blow molding machine equipment is a new customized blow molding machine production equipment according to customer requirement. The client produce auto parts for famous car manufacture in Japan. Our blow molding machine meet their strict demand in stable,smart,and precision.And it is running well for two years. At the same time, the blow molding machine make huge profile for client.

blow molding machine for auto parts

Automobile ventilation pipe blow molding machine industry:  

Along with the development of the auto industry, green energy vehicles gradually into the public view. As a important part industry of automobile manufacturing, not only to ensure the its original function, but also the pipe match with the whole body, the pursuit of itself lightweight, so usually in addition to the main body part, will use a plastic car ventilation tube.  

Qingdao Juncon Intellgent Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the earliest blow molding machine manufacturers engaged in the research and development, design and manufacture of blow molding automobile ventilation pipe. At present, it has successfully accumulated some automobile production technology.

At present, the blow molding machine of automobile ventilation pipe has been successfully put into production. 

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