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    IBC Tank Automatic Frame Welding Machine

    IBC tank frame welding machine consists of automatic mesh welding machine, automatic frame hydraulic bending machine, frame hydraulic butt locking machine, frame blank holder hydraulic punching machine, chassis installation welding machine, corresponding automatic transmission equipment and mechanical grab arm.

    Product Info

    Weight:60 Tons

    Warranty:1 Year

    MOQ:1 Set

    Service:Installation & Training

    Application:Steel Frame of IBC Tank

    Delivery Time:120 days

    Parameters of IBC Tank Automatic Frame Welding Machine:

    Parameters of IBC Tank Automatic Frame Welding Machine

    From the followed IBC picture,the inner tank is important ,and the frame is more important.so the high quality frame must be good machine.But the construction of frame is complex.so the professional manufacture is key.


    1.Automatic Mesh Welding Mchine


    2.Automatic Frame Hydraulic Bending Machine


    3.Frame Hydraulic Butt Locking Machine


    4.Frame Blank Holder Hydraulic Punching Machine


    5.Base Plate Installation Welding Machine


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