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    Plastic Blow Molding Moulds

    Plastic blow molding moulds capability range from 15L to 20000L. Juncon can design plastic blow molding moulds according to customer requirements.

    Product Info


    Warranty:1 Year

    MOQ:10 Sets

    Service:Installation & Training


    Delivery Time:60 days

    1.Advantages of Plastic Blow Molding Molds:

    1.According to customer needs and site conditions, the company conducts professional private customized services;

    2.Optimize the machine structure while providing more powerful clamping force;

    3.Adopt the advanced CNC ensure the consistency of processing and reduce machining errors.improve the craft level of molds;

    4.Mold capacity range from 100L to 20000L;

    5.The lids can be customized.

    2.Applicaitons of Plastic Blow Molding Moulds:

    Juncon can customize the production of blow moulds, including water tank moulds, ibc moulds, plastic pallet moulds, road barrier moulds, kayak moulds, chemical bucket moulds, plastic drum moulds, and auto parts moulds, etc.

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