Advantages of Servo System in the Juncon Blow Molding Machine

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Advantages of Servo System in the Juncon Blow Molding Machine

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With the development of modern industry, more and more plastic production enterprises have higher and higher requirements for blow molding machine . Customers' higher and higher requirements for blow molding machine energy consumption, labor, noise, environment, safety, etc., promote the development of blow molding machine technology in the direction of energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon. Customers require blow molding machines to be more and more automated, safer and more energy-efficient, which reduces production costs and protects the environment.

Compared with traditional rotomolding machines, blow molding machines are already very energy-saving and environmentally friendly. However, with the global emphasis on environmental governance, JUNCON blow molding machines have been innovating and constantly adopting new technologies. So let's compare the advantages of the new servo system compared to the traditional technology. We focus on eight aspects for comparison. 

Servo Control  system.pngservo system.png

Advantage Comparison

Servo Control

Hydraulic System

Inverter Control

Hydraulic System

Star -Triangle Control

Hydraulic System


 Control Unit

 The Servo inverter

 The Siemens Inverter

 The Contactor




Motor and Pump


Synchronous motor


Traditional Siemens motor


Traditional Siemens motor





Position,low speed

and high speed is stable


General stability


Not stable


 Control Precision

 High precision

 General precision

 Low precision



Strong anti-overload Ability and withstand

Three times rated

Torque load

Withstand small overload

And torque load,but it is difficult to control

Can not withstand the overload

And torque load


 Energy Saving

Save 30%-50%

Power consumption

Save 10%-20%

Power consumption

No saving


Temperature and


Small noise and low

Temperature when Machine product

High temperature

Big noise and high temperature

After running longtime


Carbon Emission

Meet the criterion

Consumption lowest

Consumption Normal

Consumption high

 Why servo system is energy saving?

Servo motor is also called executive motor. In the automatic control system, it is used as an executive component to convert the received electrical signals into the angular displacement or angular velocity output of the motor shaft. Its main characteristics are that there is no rotation when the signal voltage is zero, and the speed decreases uniformly with the increase of the torque.Servo motor can control speed and position accurately.

It means the servo system can adjust the working power according to the work needs.Unlike the ordinary control methods is always running by same speed when can saving power and energy to make sure the blow molding machine running stable.

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