5L-10L Jerrycan Bottle Small Blow Molding Machines

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5L-10L Jerrycan Bottle Small Blow Molding Machines

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5L, 10L jerrycan bottle blow molding machines have small investment and small plant area. However, the market share is very large, and the products it produces have a wide range of applications. Like our common lubricating oil packaging barrels, edible oil packaging barrels, medicine barrels, chemical solutions, water, beverages, alcohol packaging and other fields will be use

Juncon Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has made many such small blow molding machines, ranging from 5L to 10L, 20L, 30L. These small blow molding machine have a common feature: they are all continuous die head design. But with the development of the market and consumer requirements. More and more designs and concepts have changed. More customers prefer customized blow molding machines: for example, the products produced by such small blow molding machines in the past did not require very high wall thickness, and the requirements for output and automation were not very high. But now with rising labor costs and consumers' pursuit of product appearance. Many customers require highly automated blow molding machines and blow molding machines with adjustable wall thickness.

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Therefore, according to customer requirements, Juncon Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has continuously developed blow molding machines that meet market needs and customer needs. In order to make the wall thickness of the product adjustable, we can install a wall thickness control system, which can precisely control the wall thickness of each point of the product. At the same time, the jerrycan blow molding machine can be equipped with an automatic flash cutting system and an automatic product removal and packaging system, which greatly reduces labor costs. At the same time, we can also professionally customize blow molding machines and replaceable die head according to the reasonable requirements of customers. Greatly improve the applicability of the equipment and the breadth of production products.

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Qingdao Juncon Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has an experienced and strong technical team, and has been deeply involved in the blow molding industry for many years. Relying on the understanding of the development trend of the blow molding machine market for more than 20 years, it lays the foundation for the company’s new technology research and development and update applications. A good foundation. The company invests a large amount of funds to research new technologies and develop new products every year, based on being the pioneer and leader of hollow blow molding equipment. Since its development, the company has customers all over the world, and its equipment has spread to more than 60 countries and regions overseas. 

The company independently developed a series of representative equipment, such as IBC tank equipment, 200L double-ring chemical drum equipment, 20L-2000L normal  equipment, including a series of customized equipment: traffic barrier equipment, pallets, kayaks, fishing boats, Medical bed boards, folding tables,float tank and bus chairs, etc. are widely favored by customers at home and abroad.

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