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IBC Tank Blow Molding Machine for UAE

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The manufacture from UAE mainly produce IBC tank as the main production of profitable products. Qingdao Juncon Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd designed two layers IBC tank blow molding machine according to client's requirement. At present, the IBC drum blow molding machine has been used for three years which still maintains high production efficiency. At the same time,the high quality IBC tank which our blow molding machine produced satisfy our client very much.


ibc tank blow molding machine

IBC(Intermediate bulk container)is necessary tool for Storage and transportation of liquid , especially for chemical liquid. The container is composed of an inner container and a metal frame. The inner container is blow molded by high molecular weight high-density polyethylene. It is with high strength, corrosion resistance and good sanitation.With the international development, IBC tank become the mainstream liquid packaging products. So,more and more clients order our IBC tank blow molding machine.


The features and advantages of IBC tank blow molding machine from Qingdao Juncon Intelligent Co.,Ltd as below:


1. High quality IBC tank

IBC is with perfect appearance,uniform wall thickness which produced by our blow molding machine. Our advanced IBC blow molding machine make the product more competitive in the market.


2. Easy to operate

Our IBC tank blow molding machine is equiped with Siemens human operation interface. It is all-round display of machine function, position, signal, pressure and flow setting, time setting, fault retrieval and display. All program settings are clear at a glance, and the operation is simple and easy to use.


3. Run steadily

Control system: German Siemens PLC control system + Siemens interface Screen+ American three-generation 200-point MOOG wall thickness controller


Siemens PLC control system is a well-known control system in the field of industrial automation. It has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, high reliability and extremely stable operation. Its PLC own hardware fault self-detection function. When a fault occurs, the fault information can be reported in time, and the fault self-diagnosis protection can be obtained.


The blow molding machine of Juncon not only has a wide market in China, but also exported abroad, such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, America, South America and Europe etc. The reason why our products can widely occupy the market is inseparable from the excellent quality and excellent performance of our machines.

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